Based on the passion of a profession, authenticity and exclusivity

"The herbalist" the herbalist passes on a tradition that takes a holistic approach to the plant and the human being (botany, effects of medicinal plants, listening to and understanding needs). The profession is founded on a scrupulous ethical approach.

The products are prepared drawing on an in-depth knowledge of plants to address contemporary health complaints using high-quality plants with acknowledge results.

The balms with unique formulations are sold exclusively at POUTINGUES & Co. Their production is outsourced to guarantee traceability and certifications.

The concept of POUTINGUES & Co harnesses ancestral and traditional know-how while keeping a foot firmly rooted in the moderne day to address cotemporary health complaints.

Its identity is modern, sober and luminous and is in line with the times.

The history of
Poutingues & Co

How Poutingues & co came about 

"In the beginning, there was a field with a profusion of different varieties of trees and herbs. Many years spent with my hands in the earth made me want to understand the secrets of this wild garden better.

“Spurred on by my vocation, I followed the botanical studies curriculum at the Paris Ecole des Plantes, specialising in plants and heath. Once I had graduated, it became obvious to me that I had to share the benefits of the herbs and plants of our towns and countryside, these treasures that we come across every

day without ever noticing them.  

“It is therefore with great pride that I am opening my herbal apothecary today. I look forward to introducing you to plants and herbs selected to the highest standards, together with products that I have personally concocted to soothe the aches and pains of everyday life.”


Sophie Milhe-Poutingon, Herbalist and founder of Poutingues and Co

A little anecdote

 My decision to go down this road turned into a certainty owing to a little, very personal anecdote.

With its Provencal roots, my surname  - Milhe-Poutingon – can be translated as “the best Poutingue” with a poutingue being the Occitan word for an ointment or a remedy. I therefore couldn’t allow this opportunity to pass me by!

The concept

The herbalist's shop POUTINGUES & Co markets in physical point of sale and on line :

Medicinal plants and spices in bulk to be used in the form of herbal teas or decoctions packaged on the spot and on demand.

Natural care balms formulated and manufactured according to principles of excellence: quality and traceability.

The knowledge of the plants and their effects is a differentiating point compared to traditional sales outlets of organic products.

The preparations of the "home-made" balms are guaranteed 100% natural and without synthetic products.

Local balms


These balms are made only with natural ingredients (95% minimum)
Two ranges :
a simple and homogeneous range useful for the whole family,
a range for use by health professionals (physiotherapists and nurses)
The preparation of the balms is done in an approved laboratory according to our formulations and quality requirements.

Responsible, local products :  

Suppliers are locally established, and engage in sustainable farming practices or carry an organic label.

In its shop and online, Poutingues & Co sells natural products with responsible and local production sources.

A key point of the project is product origin and traceability. We pay visits to every supplier. In addition, our packaging is recyclable.

Poutingues & Co is engaged in an ethical economic circuit, where each contributor preserves flora resources, pursues production quality and respects consumers. Not products are sourced from central purchasing organisations.

An establishment in Occitania

This region has relatively few herbalist shops (3).

It offers the possibility to buy from many producers of medicinal plants.

It benefits from a strong health culture with medical centers of excellence (Montpellier), and several schools of phytotherapy.

The region also offers the possibility to make temporary sales during the tourist season in the historical villages of Uzès and Pézenas which will allow to develop a short-lived clientele which will be redirected towards the online sales the rest of the year.